Daf Yomi

Rabbi Yaakov Fisch

Weekdays-6:00am Shabbos-8:15am

Sundays and Legal Holidays-7:15am

Join us each morning before services in the Mirkis Chapel   Halacha Yomi Rabbi Schochet will teach a brief halacha following minyan every morning. We are studying the laws of Chanukah. Mishna Yomi Rabbi Rabinowitz teaches a brief mishna and maariv every evening. We are studying Tractate Maasros.

Unlocking the Closed Book 

Shabbos, October 21
with Rabbi Feigenbaum  from 10:30am-11:15am

Unlocking the Closed Book is a bi-weekly class on the power of prayer. This interactive class aims to make prayer more personal and meaningful as a part of our daily lives. Offered every other Shabbos, participants of this class delve into the translation and lessons of each prayer and feel more connected in worship.

Prophetic Vision Class

Rabbi Yaakov Fisch 
Shabbos afternoon

Please join Rabbi Fisch every Shabbos afternoon before mincha for a class that is intellectually stimulating and inspirational.  In the winter months, the class studies one of the chapter of Kings (Melachim).  In the summer months, the class studies Pirkei Avos and applies the ethics of Judaism into practical applications. 

The Chaburah 

The Chaburah-  Sunday, October 22 after Shacharis at 9:15am 

The Chaburah is a text based Talmud study learning program with an emphasis on  practical Halacha. After preparing the source materials with a learning partner, a brief synopsis and discussion is led by one of the participants.

Talmud Class

Tuesday, October 24

with Rabbi Rabinowitz at 7:30pm

Learn the Talmud as you never have before! The class will slowly and methodically study the fourth chapter of Tractate Brachosand delve into its many intricacies. Learn the halachos of  davening from the source tself - the Mishna and Talmud, and understand how Rambam and Shulchan Aruch came to codify these halachos as precisely as they did.

Java For The Soul

Wednesday,October 25 at 8:45am 
with Rena Schochet 

Please join us every Wednesday morning for a cup of Java for your body and soul. Our weekly class on The Ethics of our Father you will discover how these messages are relevant. This is an informal class that offers a unique blend of inspirational insight and practical tools for our daily lives.

The Morning Club  

Thursday, October 26 at 11:30am with Rabbi Schochet

Join us for a weekly dose of every day Halacha. We will be studying the laws of.
This is an interactive class no textual knowledge required, if you have a Kitzur, please bring it along


Women's Class for Advanced Learning

Tuesday, October 31 at 8:00pm
The second monthly class will feature an audio or visual presentation related to the yamim tovim or other Jewish concepts. (Many of those lecturing will be using Hebrew terms.) Video Presentation on Rosh Hashanah. Contact Henny Fisch for more information hennyfisch@gmail.com. 

Mon, October 23 2017 3 Cheshvan 5778