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Daf Yomi

Rabbi Yaakov Fisch

Weekdays-6:00am Shabbos-8:15am

Sundays and Legal Holidays-7:15am

Join us each morning before services in the Mirkis Chapel   Halacha Yomi Rabbi Schochet will teach a brief halacha following minyan every morning. We are studying the laws of Chanukah. Mishna Yomi Rabbi Rabinowitz teaches a brief mishna and maariv every evening. We are studying Tractate Maasros.

Women's Navi Class with Rena Schochet 

  We are learning Shmuel Alef. Please bring a copy if you have one. Knowledge of Hebrew is helpful. For women only. 

Talmud Class

Tuesday, March 20 with Rabbi Rabinowitz at 8:00 pm

Learn the Talmud as you never have before! The class will slowly and methodically study the fourth chapter of Tractate Brachosand delve into its many intricacies. Learn the halachos of  davening from the source tself - the Mishna and Talmud, and understand how Rambam and Shulchan Aruch came to codify these halachos as precisely as they did.

Java For The Soul

Wednesday, March 21 at 8:45am with Rabbi Feigenbaum 

Please join us every Wednesday morning for a cup of Java for your body and soul. Our weekly class on The Ethics of our Father you will discover how these messages are relevant. This is an informal class that offers a unique blend of inspirational insight and practical tools for our daily lives.

Thursday Night Mishmar 

Thursday Night Mishmar- TBD
with Rabbi Rabinowitz at a new location 3651 Crown Point Road

Thursday Night Mishmar program takes place on a monthly basis on the Thursday before Shabbos Mevorchim. The participants will be engaged in a Halachic discussion that has practical application, all the while enjoying a delicious meal and of course cold beer. 


The Morning Club  

Thursday, March 22 at 11:30 am with Rabbi Schochet

Join us for a weekly dose of every day Halacha. We will be studying the laws of Krias HaTorah.
(Reading the Torah) This is an interactive class no textual knowledge required, if you have a Kitzur,
please bring it along

Class with Rabbi Fisch 

Shabbos, TBD ´╗┐with Rabbi Yaakov Fisch 
There Is Nothing New Under the Sun 

For thousands of years, there were prophets that communicated and relayed stirring messages of intense criticism and comfort. The Jewish people found hope and inspiration in their words. The challenges that our people faced in ancient times are not very different from contemporary challenges. Yes, we may have more amenities and comforts, but the struggle that the human spirit is confronted with and the challenges that Klal Yisroel faced with is more relevant than ever. The prophetic visions that were transcribed were not only for earlier generations but are equally compelling today. Please join Rabbi Yaakov Fisch for a most insightful class on the Book of Ezra which is scheduled 45 minutes before Mincha every Shabbos. 

The Chaburah 

Sunday, March 18 after Shacharis
The Chaburah is a text based Talmud study learning program with an emphasis on  practical Halacha. After preparing the source materials with a learning partner, a brief synopsis and discussion is led by one of the participants.
Sponsored by Lisa & Barry Ansbacher in memory of His father Lukie's yahrzeit. 

Are You Ready for Pesach?

Are you ready for Pesach.jpgMarch 19 at 8:00pm with Rabbi Feigenbaum 

Getting ready for Pesach generates feelings of anxiety for many of us. There are so many technical details to oversee that it can be quite overwhelming. Well, help is on the way. The best way to get ready for Pesach is to be more informed and well prepared for this important change. Please join us for a three part mini series that will enable you to celebrate Pesach with a minimal amount of stress! March 26 with Rabbi Fisch 

Tue, March 20 2018 4 Nisan 5778