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Thursday Night Mishmar

Thursday Night Mishmar

The Mishmar takes place on a monthly basis on the Thursday prior to Shabbos Mevorchim. The participants will be engaged in Halachic discussions that have practical application, all the while enjoying a variety of delicious meals to include hot cholent, wings, chili and, of course, cold beer!  
 May 30, 2019

The Righteous Gentile in Contemporary Society

The Righteous Gentile in Contemporary Society with Rabbi Avi Feigenbaum

We all know that the Jewish People have been given 613 Commandments. The Torah tells us that the non-Jewish world was also given a set of laws - the Seven Noahide Commandments. Throughout our history, we have recognized the place of the "Righteous Gentile." Join us as we delve into the precise details of these concepts, what are these laws, and how they can impact our own daily lives in today's complex inter-connected world.

2019-May 6, May 13, May 20

High Holiday Primer 

High Holiday Primer with Rabbi Avi Feigenbaum

Be sure to make the most of your Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur this year by becoming more familiar with the service. Please join us for this inspirational High Holiday mini-series that will truly bring your Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur experience to life! Find out what the Holidays are all about.

2019- September 9, September 16 and September 23

Sun, January 19 2020 22 Teves 5780