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Eruv of Jacksonville

Please note that not all streets that are west of Scott Mill Road are included in the ERUV. Please contact our office if you have a specific question.

For over 22 years, the Eruv in our community has been an integral part of our communal infrastructure. Our community owes a debt of gratitude to Jimmy Jaffa for building our Eruv pole by pole and string by string and maintaining and repairing any broken spot for over two decades. We have become accustomed to always carrying on Shabbos because the Eruv is always valid. One may not realize or appreciate the amount of work that goes into maintaining and repairing our Eruv. We have often called a small but dedicated group of volunteers at a moment’s notice on a Friday afternoon to make a necessary Eruv repair. This sometimes entails climbing on a ladder in 100-degree heat or another difficult task, but these volunteers have always answered the call so our community can have an Eruv on Shabbos. Special thanks to  Andrew Jaffa and Art (Eliyahu) Rosenthal, Yohai Levi and Avi Zaguri for their selfless dedication in responding to calls at all times for Eruv repairs . I also would like to thank Steven Shapiro for being part of our team that inspects the entire Eruv on a weekly basis.

This past summer our Eruv Committee began an ambitious expansion project by extending the Eruv on Scott Mill southward all the way to Claire Lane. The Eruv than turns east on Claire and goes all the way to the intersection of San Jose and Claire. Form there it turns north until the  interstate 295. The intent of this expansion is to create more housing options available for people that would like to be within the Eruv. Hopefully, as there is more supply of homes that can alleviate the affordability of homes within the Eruv. Special Thanks to Andrew Jaffa and Art (Eliyahu) Rosenthal, Yohai Levi and Rabbi Menashe Uhr for their assistance in the Eruv expansion project.


ERUV status: please call (904) 262-3565 and select extension #107.




Thu, May 30 2024 22 Iyyar 5784