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With our vast array of programming we are sure you will definitely find a program for you! Join us for our JSU Teen Minyan on Shabbat once a month followed by a teen kiddush and cholent. With teens joining us from all over the greater NE Florida community you are bound to have a good time while growing through davening and inspiring divrei torah (and maybe a bit from the cholent!). 

On Shabbat afternoons you can join us at our home for an NCSY oneg or join us before mincha for our NCSY Boys Chaburot. 

Throughout the week we have tons of opportunities for you to get involved. Whether its on Monday nights at our JSU After Dark program or social events like paintball, bowling and more there is always something going on. With JSU Clubs meeting at the local schools, shabbatons, shiurim, and so much more, there is always something to look forward to. 

We run a NCSY 4G Program with fun meetings after school and social events through the year for our amazing middle and high school girls. 

We run NCSY EMTZA for middle school students with social events like paint splatter rooms, limo scavenger hunts, top chef and more. Learn with us at our weekly EMTZA Learning & More program every Monday night. 

Our programs are all run by Etz Chaim staff and our amazing team of advisors and volunteers. Feel free to get involved and take on a leadership role! 

Please reach out to us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

                                                        NCSY Divisions

Etz Chaim Synagogue is proud of our partnership with NCSY. NCSY is the premier organization dedicated to connect, inspire and empower Jewish teens and encourage passionate Judaism through Torah and Tradition. Here in North East Florida, Etz Chaim is the home of NCSY. We offer an array of programming for various demographics within the greater community so we can be sure to offer something for everyone. 


Jewish Student Union (JSU) - JSU is our flagship program for Jewish teens attending public or private non-Jewish day schools. The goal of JSU is to get Jewish teens to do something Jewish. By creating a fun, social atmosphere, and bringing cool, Jewish advisors to public school campuses, JSU reaches all types of Jewish teenagers. 

JSU currently operates clubs locally in Stanton College Preparatory High School, Wolfson High School, Creekside High School, Ponte Vedra High School, and Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.

JSU facilitates regular club meetings during the club activities hour, before or after school, providing food for the body and soul. Programs include speakers from a variety of Jewish organizations, discussions on timely topics of interest to the participants and interactive activities. Kosher pizza, Israeli foods, holiday foods or other snacks are always served.

In addition to the regularly scheduled school club meetings, JSU sponsors activities outside of school including Retreats, Citywide holiday parties, community service projects, ski trips, Friday night dinners, and other exciting events.

Every Monday at 8 PM teens meet at the Jacksonville Community Kollel for JSU After Dark where teens get to participate in a city wide JSU club for everyone.


NCSY 4G - NCSY 4G is the all-new, all-girls track of NCSY JAX that keeps friendships forming, Torah and chessed flowing, and the fire burning for high school and middle school girls in Jacksonville area throughout the entire school year. 4G aims to mirror the values and style of our incredible all-girls NCSY Summer programs. From social events to days of chessed, Shabbos onegs to 4G Clubs and a big International 4G hotel shabbaton in the spring, high school girls of JAX do not want to miss what 4G has to offer.


EMTZA NCSY - Emtza is our middle school division dedicated to bringing innovative and exciting programming to our middle schoolers. Our program brings middle schoolers together from all over North East Florida for exciting social activities such as our Limo Scavenger Hunt, Top Chef, Chanukah Paintball and more! We inspire middle schoolers through engaging learning programs  in programs like EMTZA Learning & More every Monday at 7:15PM at the Kollel. We invite middle schoolers to join us for our Sukkah Hop, Shabbat Around The World and other exciting immersive programs. Emtza is the place to be for middle schoolers. 

All of our success is due largely to our volunteers and partners. If you would like to get involved please reach out!

Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784